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About Nissi

Nidia (Nissi) Hernandez has been baking ever since she was a little girl. From a young age she showed interest in pursuing baking but her parents wanted her to go to college to get a degree. Which she did, studying and majoring in chemistry. Baking became much more of a hobby after college, but she never stopped learning and practicing new methods to make her delicious cakes and treats. Little by little, she worked from home starting as a hobbyist baker and evolving into a perfectionist, always experimenting with fresh new flavors and combinations. She also explores organic ingredients and healthy substitutes to provide a rich and unique taste to her products.

Visit our local bakery for the freshest and most delicious of cupcakes, cheesecakes, bread loaves, cookies, macarons and more! We have in store dining with multiple tables for socializing so you can immediately enjoy our desserts and variety of drinks or we can box them up for you to take home. We also offer dessert catering services for any of your special events.
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I. Down Payment

A. All custom orders require a down payment at the time of placing the order.
B. 50% down payment is the minimum amount required to place the order. Customers can also pay more or the entire amount if they choose to do so.

II. Pickup Time for Orders

A. Agreed time/date for pickup between customer and bakery.
B. If a customer arrives before the agreed time, the bakery is not required to have the order ready as we run on a tight schedule.
C. Orders will sometimes be completed sooner than the agreed time. In these cases the bakery will promptly inform the customer so they can come and pick up their order early if they are able to.

III. Cancellation Policy

A. Customers are allowed to cancel their orders at least 2 weeks in advance with no charge (unless special items were required and ordered, in these cases the customer is responsible for paying for those items).
B. If you cancel the order a week before the order is supposed to be made, then we will be required to keep 25% of the down payment.
C. If you cancel 1-3 days before the order is supposed to be made, we will keep your down payment in full. Please be mindful of our time as we are of yours.